Tom Hurwitz, ASC
Director of Photography


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Feature Documentaries

CAN YOU BRING IT: Bill T. Jones and D’Man in the Waters

Tom directed, along with Rosalynde LeBlanc, and shot this new feature documentary, now in release theatrically and streaming, nationwide. With a 100% rating from RT and great reviews from The New York Times, The L.A. Times, Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, Roger Ebert and dozens of other sources, we couldn’t be more delighted.


Feature documentary on the last free tigers on earth, inhabiting the treacherous Sunderbans region of India and Bangladesh, and the amazing man who has devoted his life to defending them Directed by George Butler. Now in festivals.

The Queen of Versailles

Feature documentary on a billionaire family, building the largest home in America, who fall on tough times during the economic crisis.
Directed by Lauren Greenfield

  • 2012 Sundance Film Festival – Best Directing Award


Feature Documentary on this larger than life former mayor.
Part history part love letter to this greatest city, New York. Theatrical release.
Directed by Neil Barsky

Love Free or Die

Feature documentary about Gene Robinson, the first avowedly gay bishop in Christendom and the crisis of gay rights in the Anglican Communion
Directed by Mackie Alston

  • 2012 Sundance Film Festival, Special Jury Prize

Killing in the Name

HBO, Moxie Firecracker Prod. documentary about the sources of terrorism and a man working against it.
Directed by Jed Rothstein

  • Academy Award Nomination

Valentino: The Last Emperor

Theatrical Release, Farnsworth House productions. Feature documentary about this last of the great haute couture designers.

  • Grand Prize – Chicago F.F.


Feature documentary on Paul Taylor, America’s greatest modern dance choreographer, Four Oaks Foundation, directed by Matthew Diamond. Theatrical release, PBS.

  • Academy Award Nomination

Wild Man Blues

Feature cinema verité documentary on Woody Allen and his Jazz Band
Directed by Barbara Kopple.

  • Sundance Festival Prize for Cinematography
  • Best Documentary – National Board of Review


HBO, Feature documentary about the surviving women members of a pre-World-War II, world champion Viennese Jewish swim team, forced to flee by the Nazis, directed by Yaron Zilberman.

  • Jerusalem Film Festival Award for Cinematography

Down and Out in America

Joseph Feury Productions, directed by Lee Grant, also broadcast HBO.

  • Academy Award 

American Dream

Cabin Creek Films, directed by Barbara Kopple

  • Academy Award

The Ten Year Lunch

Algonquin Productions, directed by Aviva Slesin, Also broadcast PBS.

  • Academy Award

Harlan County USA

Cabin Creek Films, directed by Barbara Kopple, New Line Cinema.

  • Academy Award

Operation Homecoming

Director /cameraman of Medivac Segment
Theatrical release, The Documentary Group, feature on the writings of veterans of the Iraq war, A film by Richard Robbins, also PBS.

  • Academy Award Nomination

Music From the Inside Out

Theatrical release, PBS Anker Productions, feature documentary on living a life in music, with the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra.
Directed by Daniel Anker


Television Documentaries

American Masters: Jerome Robbins

PBS American Masters. 90 minute documentary about the life of this great American Choreographer.
Directed by Judy Kinberg.

  • Emmy Award
  • Cine Golden Eagle

Shouting Fire

HBO, Moxie Firecracker Prod., 60 minute documentary about the First Amendment and the issues in our times.
Directed by Liz Garbus

  • Sundance Film Festival

I Have a Dream

ABC News Special, Peter Jennings Reporting, the 40th anniversary of the March On Washington
Produced by Richard Robbins, exec. produced by Tom Yellin.

  • Emmy Award Nomination

The American Experience: Scottsboro

Social Media Productions for American Experience, documentary on this watershed American trial.
Produced and directed by Daniel Anker and Barak Goodman.

  • Academy Award Nomination

Nova Series

“Coma,” produced by Linda Garmon, Dupont Gold Baton
“Vesuvius and Pompei,” produced by Denise DiIanni
“Alien Abduction,” produced by Denise Dianni
“Lightning.” produced by Linda Garmon
“To Catch a Bomber,” produced by Nancy Linde

Benjamin Franklin

PBS, three part series about the life of this American founder, statesman, and scientist. Middlemarch Films.
Directed by Ellen Hovde and Muffie Meyer.

  • Emmy Award for Best Documentary Special

The Ghosts of Abu Ghraib

HBO, documentary on the treatment of prisoners at this infamous installation and the effects, causes and implications of torture as a policy upon all involved.
Directed by Rory Kennedy

  • Emmy Award, Sundance Film Festival

Frontline: Faith and Doubt At Ground Zero

PBS Frontline, 2 hr special on the spiritual aftermath of 9/11, directed by Helen Whitney.

  • Dupont Award


PBS Series, produced by WGBH (Many shows). “Coma.”

  • Emmy Award for show
  • Dupont Gold Baton

Frontline: The Choice

2 hour special on the Presidential elections, PBS, Front Line. Produced by Helen Whitney.

  • Emmy Award
  • Peabody Award
  • Dupont Award
  • Directors Guild Award

Horsemen of Inner Mongolia

Director/cameraman, show for syndicated documentary series, Blue Marble Productions

  • Emmy Award for Cinematography

American Masters

PBS Series, Shows on Jerome Robbins (Emmy, Cine Golden Eagle Awards) Robert Motherwell, Stanford White, Richard Avedon.

Family Business

PBS, Middletown Series, Peter Davis producer. Directed by Tom Cohen .LA Filmex, Edinburgh, London Film Festivals.

Emmy Award for show

Fallen Champ: The Untold Story of Mike Tyson

Columbia-Tristar, NBC Movie of the Week. Directed by Barbara Kopple.

  • Emmy Nomination for show


Producer-cameraman, syndicated magazine series.

  • Emmy Award for show

3-2-1 Contact

Chief documentary cameraman for 3 seasons of this award-winning science series. 1982-84.

  • 4 Emmy Awards for shows, 3 nominations for camera

Bombs Will Make the Rainbow Break

Director/cameraman, documentary on children’s feelings about threat of nuclear war, awards at six international film festivals.

  • Cine Golden Eagle

Dolley Madison

PBS, American Masters, Middlemarch films. Two-part series on Americas most influential First Lady. Directed by Muffie Meyers

Frontline: Close to Home

PBS, Frontline. A view of the 2008-9 recession in the microcosm of a Manhattan, Upper Eastside hairdresser shop.
Directed by Ofra Bikel

Kansas to Kandahar

PBS, Lumiere Prod., 90 minute documentary which follows a company of reservists from Kansas who are deployed to Afghanistan for a year.
Directed by Calvin Skaggs

The Turandot Project

Documentary feature about the staging of the Puccini opera in Beijing by film director Zhang Yimou and Zubin Mehta
Directed by Allen Miller


HBO, Moxie Firecracker Prod., Cinéma Vérité documentary on the effects of traumatic brain injury on patients and their families.
Directed by Liz Garbus.

The American Experience: Alexander Hamilton

PBS American Experience, Middlemarch Films, 2 part series on this fascinating founding father
Directed by Muffy Meyer

Saturday Night Live

Over a dozen spoof commercials, directed by Jim Signorelli

Cathouse: The Musical

(DP and camera director) HBO, a one hour musical special with the characters from the series, ‘Cat House.’
Patti Kaplan, series director

Homestead Strike

History Channel, “Ten Days that Unexpectedly Changed America” series, reconstruction of this dramatic and brutal labor struggle.
Directed by Rory Kennedy

Democracy on Deadline

Lumiere Productions, 6 part series on journalists who are struggling for press freedom around the world.
Produced by Calvin Skaggs, PBS.

Dance in America: Born to be Wild

PBS, documentary on the four leading male dancers of American Ballet Theater, the creation a dance on them by Choreographer Mark Morris
Directed by Judy Kinberg.

Pandemic: Facing AIDS

HBO, Feature Documentary on five situations in five countries, microcosms in the international AIDS crisis
Directed by Rory Kennedy.

Holo Mai Pele

(designer and DP) PBS Great Performances, 90 min. dance performance and documentary of a great Hawaiian epic myth
Produced by Catherine Tatge

G-String Divas

HBO (designer and DP), 13 part documentary series about life and dancing in and around a strip club
Produced by Patty Kaplan, Exec. Producer Sheila Nevins.

Still Here

Alive TV and PBS, director of photography for the dance film of this work by the Bill T. Jones Dance Company, produced by Tatge-Lesseur Productions.

Questioning Faith

HBO, 90 min documentary on the effect of personal tragedy on personal faith
Directed by Mackie Alston


My Generation

Cabin Creek Films/Polygram, chief cameraman on this feature documentary on the Woodstock concerts, the music, and how they all came to be.
Directed by Barbara Kopple.


Director/cameraman for the Malaysia show of this series of 60 min. micro-cosmic profiles of Pacific-rim countries.
Maryland Public Television for PBS.

The American Experience: Series

“The Murder of the Century.” The life of the great architect Stanford White, and the trial of his murderer, produced by Carl Charleson
“Spy in the Sky – The U-2 Spy Plane,” produced by Linda Garmon
Dolley Madison – Directed by Muffie Meyer

Frontline: John Paul II

PBS – Frontline, 2 hr. documentary for on the papacy of John Paul II, produced by Helen Whitney. Emmy for show, Dupont Award


Six-part, featured PBS series on the American Revolution. Middlemarch Films, Minneapolis Public Television.
Directed by Ellen Hovde and Muffie Meyer

God’s Next Army

Channel 4-UK, Discovery Times, (Director-Producer) Hour profile on Patrick Henry College, the Evangelical, right wing school which aims to train the next leaders of our country. Co-directed-produced by Jed Rothstein

Soul Searching: The Journey of Thomas Merton

60 minute PBS documentary on the life of Thomas Merton. Directed by Paul Wilkes.

Frontline: From Jesus to Christ

Four-part series on the first three centuries of Christianity, WGBH, directed by Bill Cran




Filmhaus Productions. Produced by Michael Hausman
Directed by Robert Young , New York and all major US and European Film Festivals. European release.

  • Camera D’Or, Cannes

Hard Choices

Produced by Breakout Productions. Robert Mickelson producer,
Directed by Rick King, released by Lorimar, Montreal and New York Film Festivals.


Produced by The Shooting Gallery. Starring Carla Gugino, directed by Caryn Krooth

Creepshow II

Produced by Laurel Entertainment. David Ball producer, directed by Michael Gornick, released by New World.

White Elephant

German-English-Austrian Co-production, Filmed on location in Ghana., starring Peter Firth. Jonathan Tammuz producer
Directed by Werner Grusch, European distribution, Edinburgh, London, Berlin Festivals.

Just A Regular Kid

ABC School Break Special, Diana Karew Productions. Directed by Victoria Hochberg.

  • Emmy Award for Cinematography
  • Directors Guild Award

Cindy Eller

ABC After-school Special, Joseph Feury Productions. Directed by Lee Grant.

  • Directors Guild Award

Wanted: The Perfect Guy

ABC After-school Special, Joseph Feury Productions. Directed by Catlin Adams.

  • Emmy Award for Show, Directors Guild Award

In the Gloaming

Odyssey Cable production. Directed by Helen Whitney

The Good Policeman

Sony-Columbia Pictures pilot for a series on Fox Network, starring Ron Silver.
Directed by Peter Werner, produced by David Black and Jim McAddams, Nan Bernstein UPM.

Pink Lightning

Fox Network Movie of the Week, Westgate Productions. Directed by Carol Monpere, produced by Marianne Maloney

The 10,000,000-Dollar Getaway

USA Cable Movie of the Week , Wilshire Court Productions. Directed by James Contner, produced by Tom Kane.

Subway Stories

HBO special. Produced by Jonathan Demme and Rosie Perez, directed by Craig McCay


Over 150 commercials during the years, for production houses such as: Lucas Film, Sandbank, Jupiter, Griner-Questa, Robbins-Mason, Directors Chair, EUE, SBK, Iris, Fertik, Travisano, Big City, Bruce Van Dusen, Nadel, Peter Corbett….etc. Products on request.